Masamichi Ishibashi

Born in Tokyo in 1936. Aspiring to be a painter, Masamichi Ishibashi was in charge of stage art in theatre and costuming for classical ballet dancers. He also performed on a number of stages as a dancer, himself. While making stage props, he began to self-study engraving techniques. After moving to the United States in the 1950s, he began interacting with Native Americans. Fascinated by their culture and traditions, he began producing Indian jewelry and traditional dress. He received the Indian name of "REDMAN" from the Oklahoma Kiowa tribe. He has never lost his passion for Indian art, nor his craft techniques.

Masamichi Ishibashi has not only been involved in jewelry production, but also in dance performance with a Native American dance team. During that time he was active in commercials and in many special events. It can be said that his whole being has embodied "REDMAN". In recent years, he has been attracting worldwide attention through the expression of his “REDMAN” style in the form of realism in his paintings.


The atelier of "REDMAN." is located in Higashiazabu, Tokyo. Since it is accessible via reservation only, general customers should use the shopping site of World Styling, the only official shop of "REDMAN." Due to the production system and its small team, the number of products that can be produced is limited. For each item, the number of products made per year is fixed.

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